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Live stats (24h)
Papewate, generated now:+25000
Slayar, generated now:+45000
Wykipe, generated now:+23050
xFellow, generated now:+20050
Tentacy, generated now:+70050
Tomaczek21, generated now:+60300
BattleBob1, generated now:+28050
KAxe, generated now:+99000
Skymotion, generated now:+75000
Fightera, generated now:+87000
黑闇騎士, generated now:+30020
Cheatere, generated now:+41000
Atakamastro1, generated now:+74000
Fakju99, generated now:+60000
Nothing2, generated now:+35000
Dragoborn, generated now:+22050
Tomclan, generated now:+32000
Kimurasan, generated now:+29050
Ashe9, generated now:+2000
Clawler4, generated now:+98700
Bond777, generated now:+250
Kinslord, generated now:+34200
Milox, generated now:+50500
Onemen, generated now:+70250
Randuin2, generated now:+23050